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Andreas Schäfler, 10/06/2016 12:07 PM

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Overview IOPs, Research Flights

IOP Date RF Falcon Falcon Aims RF HALO HALO Aims Coordination
1 17/09/2016 RF01, RF02 Waveguide near WCB outflow, Overflight South Uist RF01 Waveguide near WCB outflow, Overflight Chilbolton, Smart Calibration Pattern, Radar Calibration Pattern at 2 FLs HALO & Falcon south and east of Icleand
2 21/09/2016 RF03 Waveguide near WCB outflow RF02 Waveguide near WCB outflow northwest of Iceland, WCB ascent south of Icleand related to cyclone Ursula HALO & Falcon northwest of Iceland
3 23/09/2016 RF04 Waveguide near WCB outflow RF03 Waveguide near WCB outflow, WCB ascent over easter North Atlantic related to cyclone Vladiana HALO & Falcon southeast of Iceland
HALO & FAAM BAE-146 North of Ireland
4 26/09/2016 --- --- RF04 WCB acent, tropopause fold, intensifying Ex-TC Karl
5 27/09/2016 RF 05 Strong jetstream with cut-off and the remnants of Karl above, RF05 Strong moisture Transport upstream of HIW predicted to Impact UK and Southern Scandinavia, PV Cut-off, Tropopause fold and remnants of Ex-Karl closer to Iceland flight with FAAM-BAE 146 North of Scotland(low-level, dropsonde leg)
28/09/2016 RF06 Calibration flight
6 01/10/2016 RF06 Flight cancelled after 1 hour due to technical problems
7 02/10/2016 RF07 WCB outflow near Iceland: Box flight with tropopause Jet stream crossing German Falcon and French Falcon (3/4 of the Box + dropsondes)
8 04/10/2016 RF08, RF09 Jetstream crossing east and south of Iceland


RF Number of dropped sondes (losses)
01 11 (1)
02 14
03 21
04 27 (2)
05 22 (2)
Total 95
Remaining 109