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Andreas Schäfler, 08/31/2016 11:03 AM

Planning Procedures

(1) NAWDEX Field Phase

  • Flight Planning Phase:
  • 12 September – 19 October 2016
  • first possible flight: 19 Sep 2016 ** last possible flight: 16 Oct 2016
  • Transfers:
  • HALO: Thu, 15 September (to Keflavik) and Wed, 19 October (to OP)
  • Falcon: Sat, 17 September (to Keflavik) and Wed, 19 October (to OP)
  • Planning for the first days in Iceland
  • Thu, 15 Sep: arrival of HALO and most of the flight planning and instrument teams
  • Fri, 16 Sep: setup of the operation center and offices at the airport, flight planning with an announcement of first plans for Mon 19 Sep
  • Sat, 17 Sep: potential day-off for HALO
  • Sun, 18 Sep: kick-off-meeting (9-10 UTC)
  • Mon, 19 Sep: first possible flight day

(2) Information Transfer

  • NAWDEX Campaign Wiki
  • Information about daily schedule, flight plans, weather etc. is communicated via the NAWDEX wiki
  • The NAWDEX Wiki is editable by all participants (upon registration)
  • The Wiki’s main page shows all essential information on: Schedule, Responsibilities, Planning Summary Matrix and Instrument status
  • NAWDEX broadcasting via Adobe Connect ** *Meetings will be available via live stream with the Adobe Connect System (Information will follow)
  • *There won’t be the possibility of oral contributions via the Adobe System from people outside Iceland.
  • *People that have comments from outside are welcome to send information to (needs to be decided, could be done by the technical manager (see description of responsibilities below) or a call to the operation center during the day.


(3) Daily Schedule

(4) Coordination with other Aircraft/Ground-Based Observation:

(5) Responsibilities

(6) Reports