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Frank Probst, 10/02/2016 12:35 PM

NAWDEX 2016 Campaign (HALO & Falcon)

This is the official blog for the NAWDEX campaign, a webpage that can be edited by all NAWDEX team members that are registered. The aim is to inform all NAWDEX participants and interested colleagues about the campaign and to share the planning material. If you need information about the international NAWDEX Project please refer to and for the HALO/Falcon Project please refer to

In case you should have any questions please contact: andreas.schaefler[at]

NAWDEX daily campaign schedule

[last change: 02 Oct, 2016, 09:03 UT]

If not stated otherwise, all timings given below after September 18 are referring to UT, which is LT in Iceland.

Sunday, Oct 02, 2016

Aircraft schedule:

  • DLR Falcon

05:45 --- Power on the aircraft
07:15 --- Pre-flight briefing in the hangar (go/no-go decision Falcon)
07:45 --- Power off
07:50 --- Leave hangar / APU power
08:20 --- Take-Off (approx. flight time: 3:30 h)
11:50 --- ETA Keflavik

Flight crew:
Philipp Weber, Stefan Grillenbeck, David Woudsma, Oliver Reitebuch, Oliver Lux

Falcon flight plan

Meeting times for entry into the airport at GOLDEN Gate

05:30 (Engelbert, Oliver, Oli, David); Gate -> Hangar: Engelbert

Meeting times for entry into the airport at SILVER Gate

06:45 (Philipp, Stefan G., Martin, Katrin, Frank); Gate -> Hangar: Frank


Flight cancelled due to repair

  • SAFIRE Falcon

08:30 --- Take-Off (approx. flight time: 3:30 h)
12:00 --- ETA Keflavik

second flight in the afternoon


Position Name Contact (Email) mobile phone
HALO/Falcon Campaign Steering Group: X X X
Scientific Manager: Jim Doyle James.Doyle[at] X
Technical Manager: X X X
Chief Forecaster: Julian Quinting julian.quinting[at] X
Instrument Manager: Manuel Gutleben manuel.gutleben[at] X
Coordinator Ground-Based Observations: Jacob Maddison j.maddison[at]
Mission Scientist (D-CMET) 02. Oct Oliver Reitebuch oliver.reitebuch[at] +354 8667413
Mission Scientist (D-ADLR) X
Mission Scientist (ground) X
DLR-FX Operations Stefan Hempe stefan.hempe[at] +49 172 20 00 688
DLR-FX Project manager in Keflavik Katrin Witte katrin.witte[at] +49 172 741 3066

Planning Summary Matrix (from 19 Sep 2016, 23:25 UTC)

Instrument and Aircraft Status Matrix (from 1 Okt 2016, 12:00 UTC)

Observation Coordination Matrix( from XX Sep 2016, XX:XX UTC)