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Andreas Schäfler, 11/02/2017 05:14 PM

NAWDEX -2016 Campaign (HALO & Falcon)

This is the official blog for the NAWDEX campaign, a webpage that can be edited by all NAWDEX team members that are registered. The aim was to inform all NAWDEX participants and interested colleagues about the campaign and to share the planning material. If you need information about the international NAWDEX Project please refer to and for the HALO/Falcon Project please refer to As the campaign is finished now the page will be restructured and will give an overview on the flights.

In case you should have any questions please contact: andreas.schaefler[at]

NAWDEX daily campaign schedule

The campaign is finished. The next NAWDEX Event will be a NAWDEX Workshop at LMU Munich from 8 March to 10 March 2017

-Here you find a collection of NAWDEX Campaign Reports (Flight Planning & Weather Summaries): NAWDEX_Campaign_Reports.pdf. The document comprises an overview table showing all available reports. The individual documents and the presentation of each day can be found in the category "Daily Reports" for each day.


Planning Summary Matrix (from 19 Sep 2016, 23:25 UTC)

Instrument and Aircraft Status Matrix (from 13 Okt 2016, 11:10 UTC)

Observation Coordination Matrix( from XX Sep 2016, XX:XX UTC)