How to use the Wiki

New Wiki pages

You are allowed to create pages about all W2W related topics. To do so, do the following:
  1. find a page where a link to your new page should appear. If there is no such page, ask to Administrator to create a new link in the sidebar.
  2. click on "edit" on this page and insert the link:
  3. find out how the formatting works: Redmine Documentaion
  4. some features like embedding videos are not part of the standard Redmine distribution. Find out more below!

Features implemented for W2W

  1. Display a text instead of the file name in a link to an attachment:
    {{attachment(filename, Text of the link)}}
  2. Include a video file. So far mp4 and webm files are supported:
    WIDTH and HEIGHT are integer values in pixels or auto to preserve the aspect ratio. The video file itself has to be an external link (Safari is not able to display attached videos). You can place up to 50GB of video files in your LRZ sync and share account: To convert the video into an format playable by most web browsers use the video4web script located in our code repository (
    git clone
  3. Mark a page as not yet ready:
    The result looks like this:
    This page is under construction ...