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h1. Science Plan

*North Atlantic Waveguide, Dry Intrusion, and Downstream Impact Campaign (NAWDIC)*

h2. International Science Plan

Version 1.0 - last edit 29 July 2021

*Lead authors* (alphabetical): Christian Grams (KIT, Germany), Julian Quinting (KIT, Germany), Shira Raveh-Rubin (Weizmann Institute, Israel), Andreas Schäfler (DLR, Germany)

*Contributors* (alphabetical): Steven Cavallo (Uni. Oklahoma, USA), Tobias Göcke (DWD, Germany), John Gyakum (McGill University, Canada), Daniel Kirshbaum (McGill University, Canada), Peter Knippertz (KIT, Germany), Andrea Lang (Uni. Albany, USA), David Lavers (ECMWF), Ron McTaggart-Cowan (ECCC, Canada), John Methven (Uni. Reading, UK), Florian Pantillon (LAERO, France), Marty Ralph (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA), Gwendal Rivière (LMD Paris, France), Harald Sodemann (Uni. Bergen, Norway), Thomas Spengler (Uni. Bergen, Norway), Heini Wernli (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Anna Wilson (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA), Volkmar Wirth (JGU Mainz, Germany)
We acknowledge all colleagues who contributed to discussions at and following the first international NAWDIC workshop in November 2020.

*Introductory comment:* This document is a living document that summarizes the scientific aims and observational strategy for a prospective NAWDIC field campaign. It is based on discussions at a preparatory virtual NAWDIC workshop held in November 2020. The international community has defined contact persons that lead the individual discussions in the national communities and contribute to this document. We acknowledge valuable contributions by many other researchers that participated in the planning workshop.
The acronym NAWDIC was originally defined for the planned German component with the High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO). In the meantime, many components have been added and it needs to be discussed whether a new acronym should be defined for the combined international efforts. Still, in order to cope with uncertainties related to the individual projects, all components will be elaborated as stand-alone projects. This international science plan describes the umbrella for the envisioned individual components.

*For more details we refer to the "International Science Plan": first published on 30 July 2021.*