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Instrumental Constraints

WALES HAMP Radar HAMP Radiometer SMART specMacs Bahamas A2D wind lidar 2micron wind lidar
Responsible People
Martin Wirth (DLR-IPA)
Andreas Fix (DLR-IPA)
Silke Groß (DLR-IPA)
Axel Amediek (DLR-IPA)
Lutz Hirsch (MPI-H)
Friedhelm Jansen (MPI-H)
Martin Hagen (DLR-IPA)
Florian Ewald (DLR-IPA)
Mario Mech (U Hamburg)
Kevin Wolf (U Leipzig)
André Ehrlich (U Leipzig)
Manfred Wendisch (U Leipzig)
Tobias Kölling (LMU-MIM)
Tobias Zinner (LMU-MIM)
Hans Grob (LMU-MIM)
Bernhard Mayer (LMU-MIM)
Christian Mallaun (DLR-FX)
Martin Zöger (DLR-FX)
Oliver Reitebuch (DLR-IPA)
Christian Lemmerz (DLR-IPA)
Engelbert Nagel (DLR-IPA)
Oliver Lux (DLR-IPA)
Uwe Marksteiner (DLR-IPA)
Benjamin Witschas (DLR-IPA)
Stefan Rahm (DLR-IPA)
Number of Operators 1-2 1-2 1 0 1 1
Instrument Operation
No operation below 6 km possible
Operation between 6 and 13.7 km
(lt 6 km saturation of the radar
receiver,gt 13.7 km no ground-echo)
* only daylight Operation
* avoid solar elevation<15°
* operation time: 730-16 UTC
* only daylight Operation
* as high above clouds as possible
* swath in 1.5km:
- 0.9 km (spec Macs)
- 2.1 km (2D cam)
* swath in 5km:
- 3.0 km (spec Macs)
- 7.0 km (2D cam)
* Reduced accuracy during
dust and salt contamination
by high Aerosol load
during low Level flights
* Reduced data Quality
in precipitation and
clouds (water/ice in
pressure tube
* no data 1.5 km below aircraft
* limited number of 16-18 range gates
(vert. res. 0.3/0.6/1.2 km)
* to be addapted to science obj.
* first obs 45 min after take-off
* no operation< 5km (eye-safety)
* obs after 15 min
* no data 500 m below aircraft