Daily Report 2016 09 17

Flight Plans for the next days

Here we will add the flight plans

Weather Summary

A deep ridge over the eastern North Atlantic, a trough over the western North Atlantic and a potential vorticity streamer over western Europe characterize the large-scale flow on 17 September. This trough-ridge-trough couplet is moving slowly eastward, and a rather zonal flow is establishing until 19 September over the North Atlantic. Current ECMWF forecasts predict the development of a secondary low-pressure system on Tuesday and Wednesday in this zonal flow to the west of Ireland. This low pressure system is associated with a warm-conveyor belt on its eastern flank which contributes to a deflection of the upper-tropospheric PV gradient on 21 September. Since the WCB outflow and the midlatitude jet are predicted to be close to Iceland this synoptic situation seems to be ideal for flights on Wednesday. Depending on the further development, synchronized flights of the DLR-Falcon and HALO could be considered. Detailed planning to be done during the next days.

Current forecasts show a further rapid cyclogenesis and downstream ridge building to the south and east of Iceland at the end of next week. This setup would allow flights into WCB outflow to the north of Iceland. However, the development of the low pressure system and of the downstream flow is still highly uncertain. Thus, upcoming forecasts will be studied intensively concerning the exact development.

Planning Summary

Instrument Summary