Daily Report 2016 09 12

Flight Plans for the next days

  • 15 September: HALO Transfer flight to Iceland
  • 17 September: Falcon Tranfer flight to Iceland
Transfer provides some flexibility to pursue NAWDEX aims:
  • Overflight of surface stations
  • Instrument calibration (radar) pattern
  • Dropsonde transmission check
  • (adapted pattern in case of interesting weather situation)

Weather Summary

See flight planning meeting slides of today: NAWDEX_Flight_Planning_Meeting_12092016.pdf

  • Weather systems on Thu do not look promising for NAWDEX aims > plan for transfer with overflights and without extending the flight
  • Low total cloud coverage predicted for Jülich and Chilbolton for Thursday, 12 UTC
  • Clouds at all altitude predicted near Icleland and Buoy K7
  • Wind speeds and wave heights are predicted to be low near Buoy 7 > plan for calibration circle near buoy K7
  • Saturday is a transition day until the next system arrives Sun/Mon (former tropical cyclone)
  • Forecasts of this system are still very uncertain, but it could be candidate for the first NAWDEX mission

Planning Summary

  • In the planning meeting we discussed about the (WCB) ascent in the cut-off low that is predicted to be located over the Biscaya on Thursday. On Wed WCB inflow air was located in the Biscaya, unfortunately the ascent ceases on Thu. On Thu only some WCB outflow air would be observable near the cutoff low with an earlier ascent on the leading edge of the cut-off. We decided not to follow this idea. Additionally, we discussed about option of integrating a Calipso(A-Train) underflight. The calipso track leads from eastern Ireland to eastern Iceland at around 13:25 UTC.
  • An anouncement for a flight plan was developped and sent to ATC. The flight plan includes:
    • Overflight of Jülich and Chilbolton ** Calibration pattern near Buoy 7 North of Scotland ** Satellite undeflight of Calipso/ATrain (13:25 UTC) ** Additional calibration pattern north of Iceland with dropsonde release
  • Fine tuning will be done tomorrow!

Instrument summary