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Hans Grob, 09/27/2016 08:35 PM

IOP Overview

Overview IOPs, Research Flights

IOP Date RF Falcon Falcon Aims RF HALO HALO Aims Coordination
1 17/09/2016 RF01, RF02 Waveguide near WCB outflow, Overflight South Uist RF01 Waveguide near WCB outflow, Overflight Chilbolton, Smart Calibration Pattern, Radar Calibration Pattern at 2 FLs HALO & Falcon south and east of Icleand
2 21/09/2016 RF03 Waveguide near WCB outflow RF02 Waveguide near WCB outflow northwest of Iceland, WCB ascent south of Icleand related to cyclone Ursula HALO & Falcon northwest of Iceland
3 23/09/2016 RF04 Waveguide near WCB outflow RF03 Waveguide near WCB outflow, WCB ascent over easter North Atlantic related to cyclone Vladiana HALO & Falcon southeast of Iceland
HALO & FAAM BAE-146 North of Ireland
4 26/09/2016 --- --- RF05 WCB acent, tropopause fold, intensifying Ex-TC Karl
5 27/09/2016 RF 05 Strong jetstream with cut-off and the remnants of Karl above, RF06 Strong moisture Transport upstream of HIW predicted to Impact UK and Southern Scandinavia, PV Cut-off, Tropopause fold and remnants of Ex-Karl closer to Iceland flight with FAAM-BAE 146 North of Scotland(low-level, dropsonde leg)


RF Number of dropped sondes (losses)
01 11 (1)
02 14
03 21
04 25
05 19
Total 89